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Building Bridges of Culture: Maori and Thai Song Dam Unite

C asean is honored to bridge the cultural bond between the Maori and Thai Song Dam ethnic groups, as recently showcased during the visit of New Zealand's Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Christopher Luxon.


On April 17, The New Zealand Embassy in Thailand hosted a reception, commemorating the Prime Minster of New Zealand’s official visit to Thailand in 11 years. The visit aimed to advance the New Zealand-Thailand relationship to a strategic partnership by 2026, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of bilateral ties between two nations.


During this remarkable event, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and C asean were pleased to present the 'Common Cultural Heritage' activities. Launched in 2023, this initiative aims to bring together the shared cultural identities of the ethnic groups, serving as a platform for cultural exchange and sharing sustainable learning in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.


The event featured cultural performances from both ethnic groups, accompanied by an exhibition that illuminated the interconnected cultural identities of Maori and Thai Song Dam peoples, fostering cultural exchange, learning, and creative presentation to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of both ethnic groups.

C asean extends its heartfelt gratitude to all involved and looks forward to further collaborations. Please stay tuned for more enriching 'Common Cultural Heritage' activities as we continue to bridge cultural connections and foster mutual understanding.

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