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Summary of CaF-Youth Virtual Forum: Building a sustainable social enterprise sector in ASEAN

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14 ก.ย. 2563

Building a sustainable social enterprise sector in ASEAN

Building a sustainable social enterprise sector in ASEAN
Panel speakers:
1.Hong Sin Kwek, CEO & FOUNDER at SINWATTANA Crowdfunding
2.Nicky Clara, WeAble Project-Berdaya Bareng
3.Kevin G. Gaitan, Sex (Z) Project - Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute Inc
4.Mohd Asyraf Bin Abd Hamid (Appy), Identify Identity Project

Panel question conclusion:
How do you start/establish the social enterprise?
Social enterprise will need to digest the problems by asking this following fundamental questions:
- What problem are you trying to solve?
- Who are actively experience this problems?
- Why do you want to solve this problem?
- How do you want to solve the problem?

The social entrepreneur should do the research and deep understand about problem or pain point.
How do you convince people to believe in your idea?
Basically, the process of social enterprise model will start with;
- Initiate the idea
- Talk with people on ground
- Get feedback
- Create the funding journey by asking yourself the question; who will be your potential supporter? , Who will involve in your solution?, Are you really understand problem clearly?, and why should they sponsor you?

Do you have any suggestion/ technique to qualify donor/supporter?
Donors are categorized into two levels which are individual level and corporate level.
Basically, social entrepreneur need to start asking yourself with one question “Why do donor do donate?”
- As the individual level, they are looking for the project that they are interested in or the project that they are easily to understand and actually can solve society pain point.
- As the corporate level, they are looking for the project that can be fit the corporate vision and mission.

So, the “public relation message” is the key for social enterprise to make donor know and understand what you are doing and what your project are talking about.
How do you find the right team for your organization as a social enterprise?
To make the team believe in your vision:
- Show what are you doing and believe in what you are doing to your team;
- Consider on working level – every employees are equal.

As ASEAN, consider and understand the cultural diversity.

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