Summary of From Crisis to Next Normal: The rapid-shifting media consumption

Date : 09 Jul 2020

From Crisis to Next Normal - The rapid-shifting media consumption

Panel Speakers:

  1. 1.     Samuel Too from Malaysia

Business Development and Marketeer

  1. 2.     Pongpiti Phasukyud from Thailand

Founder of Ad Addict Thailand

  1. 3.     Ye Myat Min from Myanmar

Founder and CEO of Nexlabs and Forbes 30 Under 30


Panel Conclusions:

How the media consumption is changing in the lockdown period?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic quarantines, media consumption has seen a massive increase. Social media has now become mainstream media where people consume news and information. During three months lock down in Malaysia, people tends to create more short video content on Tiktok. Actually, most of the Gen Z generation are consuming more online content that before the COVID-19 pandemic. Millennials have started consuming more content across several media types including online video, online movie (Netflix), online news and online meeting.

Furthermore, the lockdown also accelerates the media shift in Thailand to entertainment consumption at home especially the voice content – podcast, and the e-marketplace. Moreover, e-commerce and digital technology are trends that entrepreneurs definitely should be considerate since these will become the new normal, and these customer behavior will still remain even after COVID-19 period. The advertising agency and marketer need to understand this changed.

In Myanmar, all of trend already happened before COVID-19 outbreak as Myanmar is mainly focus on the young generation market, and even broaden of internet usage with the demographic group. This target group grew up with digital and technology. What we have seen during pandemic is that Tiktok become number 1 media platform, taking over Facebook especially in the rural area. Moreover, during COVID-19 restrictions, in Yangon and urban area, the demand of food delivery has increased rapidly which is slightly different before.

As an interesting point, all speaker drew attention to consumption of social media and the online media platforms of TikTok which is a particular favorite in Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar, or even in Southeast Asia.

How to prepare the post COVID-19 performance marketing strategy?


The government in Malaysia try to push going towards the cashless society. E-wallets are no longer just a convenience, but a crucial part of the "new normal" in Malaysian dairy life. It is important for the businesses to understand customer behavior and to adopt fast in the cashless society and the digital economy.


Entrepreneurs, advertising agency and marketer must shift from the offline to the online world to meet the new normal of consumer behaviour. They also need to expand their service coverage and improve their communication strategies, as well as learning to use new social media technologies to support the business growth. The four main communication strategies should be adapted to attack the customers;

  1. Creating new experiences: People will forget what they see, what they hear, but will not forget what they feel;
  2. Brand should be sincere with customer;
  3. Strong brand purpose;
  4. Be prepare and be ready for crisis situation.


Online content has become increasingly important as the COVID-19 situation has escalated. Marketer need to focus on the audio and video consumption, with the right time consumption and right media platform. Therefore, there are no exact strategy, marketer need to understand customer behavior according to the demographic, think about how the brand is perceive in the market, keep your brand communication as it authentic and simple, and moreover, keep in mind of level of social responsibility.

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