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C asean Forum

The Collaborative Platform for

ASEAN Business and Communities


The C asean Forum, also known as CaF, is recognized as a significant regional platform established in 2015 that aims to enhance connectivity, communication, collaboration, and catalyze positive change within the ASEAN community. We strive to reflect on the interconnected challenges faced without boundaries and foster strong bonds to build a resilient community that benefits all members.

Annually, we host a forum focused on topics that will aid in the growth of our business, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and talent development. This event aims to foster collaboration within ASEAN and drive positive impacts on cooperation and development. Moreover, commemorating ASEAN Day on the 8th of August annually serves to enhance the ties among the 10 ASEAN member states, bolstering the effectiveness of collaboration that will continue to progress in the years to come.



Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity:
Strategy for Change


The ASEAN Day Celebration 2023
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