Summary of From Crisis to Next Normal: Coronavirus and the environment

Date : 01 Jul 2020

To be clear, the COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a public health and humanitarian crisis. The economic impact, however, has been devastating. This pandemic has put the firms stop to economic activities. For some, the COVID is also an opportunity for us to understand and rethink about the environment. For example, Indonesia facing on environmental challenges, such as air pollution and water pollution. According to Jakarta and climate agency for the pollution issues;

70% come from transportation

9 - 14% come from heater and electric generator

8% come from industries

8% come from domestic activities

While the COVID-19 is tragically affecting people’s health, livelihoods, it has also had a positive impact on our environment in just few month. Minimal activities resulted in the short term in cleaner air, reduced carbon emissions and less noise.

However, let think about waste management. The coronavirus pandemic has brought an increase in use of plastic, the main component in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other personal protection gear. Where are all this plastic going to? Do we have capacity to recycle this new trashes?

As ecosystem, if you see everyone and everything as a whole thing, everything is connected. To bring natural system into balance, a new economy that is sustainable and respects the limits of natural resources and the functions of ecosystems is fundamental.   COVID-19 is an inhibitor, they slow down entire ecosystem. There are four major dimensions of ecosystem; resources ecosystem, social, technology, and waste and pollutant dimension.

What does COVID-19 has effected the most is social, technology, and waste and pollutant dimension. COVID-19 pandemic has control our activities. We saw that people were changing their lifestyle and, technology is a part of it movement. We see the whole shifting on ecosystem.

What we see that a lot of changed going on. The point that how we going to adapt to that point of view?

In long-term, normally, the environment can be healed by itself. Therefore, what can government do in this situation? It may be useful to think about “work from home” in order to reduce the pollution from car. Network connectivity should be covered in all area. Beyond that, youth, women and corporate should be allowed to get involve in the decision making process. We need to educate, understand and work together to sustain the whole ecosystem.

If not us, who else?

Collaborate for the Better