C asean Consonant: Dayung Sampan

Date : 27 Jun 2020

"Dayung Sampan" is a regional song unifying the courageous "orang laut" (sea gypsies) who formed the backbone of the Great Asian Sea Trade Route. This particular route originated in China and passed through the Straits of Malacca where many seafaring gypsies contributed to its dynamic inter-island trading.


This Singaporean version of the song praises this link with China and the deep happiness when the boats and ships came. The flowing speed and strong hand movements and lots of smiles makes this one of the happiest songs for ASEAN interaction.



Conducted by: Watchara Pluemyart

Performed by: C asean Consonant at C asean Consonant Concert in 2015, at CW Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

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