Summary of From Crisis to Next Normal: Remaking the future

Date : 24 Jun 2020

Panel Discussion

From Crisis to Next Normal – Remaking the Future

Panel Speakers:

    1. Pawee Nontamongkoltorn from Thailand, Advisor of Thammasat University Model United Nations Club 

    2. Anh Viet Nguyen from Vietnam, Environmentalist and YSEALI alumni, Vietnam

    3. Cape Diamond from Myanmar, Multimedia journalist

Panel Conclusions:


Key point

  • Educational inequality
  • Ineffective teaching practices

Remaking the future

  • Because of the COVID-19 lockdown situation in Thailand, Thai students will be out of school. That means students should go for online classes. However, transitioning to online classes is not easy for every student in Thailand because a number of them do not have their own instructional equipment and lack of internet accessibility in order to study from their home. These students usually come from low-income families, which are severely affected by this transition. The government should consider providing assistance to students especially those from low-income households.


Key point

  • Lack of plastic waste consideration

Remaking the future

  • With more people stuck at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown situation, there has been a high in demand for food delivery services. The factor driving demand for food delivery services is the increased number of plastic waste. Plastic problem is for everyone - “It is more than that, it is not just like that”. We should raise awareness on the effects of plastic and improper waste disposal. Moreover, we need to stop destroying our environment.


Key point

  • Job loss and layoffs
  • Internet accessibility inequality

Remaking the future

  • Economic shutdown lead to a huge number of workers such as journalism and garment industry have lost their jobs, salary cutoff or were suspended from work due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Such a situation, the worker only have the ways to stay or leave their job. It might be a long-term effects. How could we find the best solution for this? It a big challenge for Myanmar government.
  • Internet access plays a crucial role in enabling people to access information about Covid-19, or even the dairy life.  As a restricting access to the internet, it violates human rights in the freedom of expression and lack of all information to prevent the spread of the virus.

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