Thailand Sustainability Forum

Date : 15 Jan 2020

Thailand Sustainability Forum


Program: Thailand Sustainability Forum 2019: Fostering Social Enterprises

By definition, the world seems to have a clear distinction between social and non-social business; in fact, all transactions are social, as they interact with people whether they are customers, employees, or suppliers. Considering the condition of the world today, focusing solely on revenue and profit is no longer an option, we all need to consider the impact reach from our business outcomes on environment and society.

Program objectives:

- Raise the awareness of social enterprises and create a space to share knowledge in sustainable practices

Target audience: 200 guests from corporates, foundation, governments, NGOs, and social enterprises

Anatomy of the program:

The event is a four-day program, hosted in 3 different sites

 Day One, C asean

Morning Session: Speeches from prominent figures and their perspective towards the social works in Thailand

Afternoon Session: 8 Talks of the real cases from social entrepreneurs

Day Two - Three

The first conference taking place in Bangkok, Social Business Day 2019 brought together more than 1,000 delegates from all over the world in the field of social business, along with icons of social innovation and entrepreneurship from 30 countries. 

Day Four - SE Site Visits

There were 2 routes for studying

  1. One in Nakhon Pathom, Samut Songkram, Samut Sakorn under the theme “The Trinity of Local Economy Development: Agriculture/Crafts/Tourism”
  2. Two in Thonburi Bangkok under the theme “Kudeejeen Community: The Harmonious Melting Pot”
Event Images:

Day One

Day Two

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