Win Win WAR Thailand

Date : 15 Jan 2020


Win Win WAR Thailand

Win Win WAR Thailand is the first TV show dedicated to social enterprises by C asean. 
WAR derived from Willing, Able and Ready. Win Win WAR project to identify members of the new generation who are interested and committed to create social business, as well as sustainably support according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations. Through three stages competition, audition, market test and market launch. Key activities developed to raise awareness on sustainability and groom social entrepreneurs.

Target: Social entrepreneurs


  • Create a community of enthusiasts
  • Build public awareness of sustainability development
  • Groom Social Entrepreneurs
  • Share and create knowledge & expertise

Key achievement

  • Participants get the opportunity to present the business idea to those who may be interested in investing and to the society
  • Participants get the opportunity to network with other social entrepreneurs and get to learn from the committee and  coach
  • Participants build out the business concept into tangible and to be sustainable Social Enterprise



Example of impacts made from Win Win WAR Thailand Season 1


Production capacity increased by 5 times from access to new equipment & improved workspace 



A larger scale of art therapy & cancer friend Macy activities



Increased local readiness to transform Phu Hor area for community tourism


Collaborate for the Better