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C asean has been a part in supporting activities of BAB, a biannual art festival in Bangkok, as we believe there should be no limit to means of connectivity.

Who We Are

“Different countries we are from.

Different languages we sing a song.

Different musical instruments we play along.

Different, yet as C asean Consonant… 

We are one.”

C asean Consonant, the one and only ASEAN traditional ensemble, uses the universal language of music to build a bridge that intertwines ASEAN countries’ heritages together and, hence, creates stronger bonds of understanding, friendship, and collaboration. Ten musical prodigies from ten ASEAN country are chosen to co-create captivating performances with traditional musical instruments in a series of C asean Consonant concerts. This project has become a platform for the young generation to develop, share, learn, and preserve the traditional music of ASEAN.


C asean Consonant has made young blood of ASEAN become more aware of the beauty of preserving their local traditions and, at the same time, respect the differences. Emphasizing the importance to preserve their traditional music heritage, they will find the way to craft out our ASEAN identity amidst cultural diversity.

What We Do

  1. Create “ASEAN as one” identity amidst cultural diversity;

  2. Create a platform for the young generation to develop, share, learn, and preserve the traditional music of ASEAN;

  3. Preserve ASEAN traditional music heritages; and

  4. Strengthen the ASEAN community and friendship beyond ASEAN member states with peace and harmony by using the power of traditional music

Meet Our Team

Art is a shape. Art is a taste. Art is sound. Art is everything that human touched and it touched us in return. It was a form of individual expression to a person’s story and sometimes a reflection of surrounded social structure.

There are many ways to connect, and art is simply one beautiful way to send a message to others. C asean has been a part in supporting activities of BAB, a biannual art festival in Bangkok, as we believe there should be no limit to means of connectivity.


Our Journey

C asean Consonant Debut Concert in Bangkok (2015)

Supported by leading organizations, its inaugural performance “C asean Consonant Debut Concert” was held on 13 December 2015, at C asean Auditorium in Bangkok, to great success, with highly talented youths from 10 different countries selected to come together to showcase each of their country’s traditional instruments.

C asean Consonant Roadshow in Malaysia and Singapore (2016)

With support from Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia through Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia from the National Theatre of Malaysia (Istana Budaya) and Malaysia Tourism Center (MaTiC), with collaboration from the Office of Alumni Relations of National University of Singapore, “C asean Consonant Concert – The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN” was held in Malaysia and Singapore from 30 March – 9 April 2016. The kind support for the roadshow in Malaysia and Singapore was a vital force that brought ASEAN community together to celebrate our strengths as the region and enhance success.

Friendship Beyond Frontier Concert, Bangkok, Thailand (2017)

As a part of ASEAN 50th anniversary celebration, C asean Consonant had launched “Friendship Beyond Frontier Concert”, the first step of C asean Consonant 2017 performance journey. The concert was held on 7 May 2017, at C asean Auditorium in Bangkok and attended by ASEAN ambassadors and top executive delegates.

Shanghai Spring International Music Festival 2017, Shanghai, China (2017)

In collaboration with Shanghai Conservatory of Music led by a famous Chinese composer, Ye Guohui, C asean Consonant was invited to perform at Shanghai Spring International Music Festival 2017, one of the world’s finest international music festivals and the 2nd biggest music festival in China since 1959. The concert named “Friendship Beyond Frontier: The Harmonious Spirit of China-ASEAN” was successfully held on 14-15 May 2017 at He Lvting Concert Hall, Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The concert, played with China and ASEAN traditional instruments and conducted by world-class conductor, Cai Jindong, had presented both ASEAN classic songs and contemporary songs composed by Chinese composers. C asean Consonant not only provided audiences to experience the beauty of ASEAN music and learn from China-ASEAN music exchanges but also deepened the relationship between China and ASEAN.


ASEAN – China Music Week 2017, Nanning, Guangxi, China (2017)

In collaboration with Guangxi Arts University led by well-known composers and China-ASEAN Music Week Artistic Director, Zhong Juncheng, C asean Consonant was invited to perform at 2 crucial occasions for the 6th China - ASEAN Music Week 2017, China’s 3rd most important music festival. The first performance was held at the opening ceremony of the 6th ASEAN – China Music Week 2017 on 25 May 2017 at Guangxi Concert Hall and full concert presented ASEAN classic songs and new compositions by Chinese composers held on 27 May 2017 at Guangxi Arts University hall. C asean Consonant had enjoyed tremendous success on the continuous deepening of ASEAN-China friendship and cooperative relations.


The 50th Anniversary Celebration of ASEAN, Jakarta, Indonesia (2017)

C asean Consonant had been honored and invited to become the main performance to celebrate the 50thanniversary of ASEAN. The ensemble had performed in front of the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, Secretary-General of ASEAN, H.E. Le Luong Minh, and all executive delegates in ASEAN@50: Celebrating the People’s Community at the ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia on 11 August 2017. The performance has also strengthened ASEAN countries’ heritage and created a stronger bond of understanding and friendship between ASEAN countries.


ASEAN-EU Anniversary Concert, Jakarta, Indonesia (2017)

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of ASEAN-EU Dialogue Relations, 50th Anniversary of ASEAN and 60th years since the establishment of the European Economic Community, C asean Consonant was invited to perform at the first-ever ASEAN-EU Anniversary Concert on 12 September 2017 at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in Jakarta as an official celebration commemorating the long-standing inter-regional relations between ASEAN and EU.


C asean Consonant Concert for Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, Bangkok, Thailand (2018)

Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 was the international festival of contemporary art that brought 75 artists from Thailand and around the world to exhibit their works of art in different venues and landmarks in Bangkok. As music is a form of art, C asean Consonant, the one and the only traditional musical ensemble in ASEAN, was proud to be a part of Bangkok Art Biennale Official Reception on 17 October 2018 at Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall to perform in front of the world artists.


C asean Consonant for ASEAN Cultural Year Press Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (2019)

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand launched “ASEAN Cultural Year 2019” at Government House, as Thailand took its turn as ASEAN Chair to promote cultural cooperation among ASEAN Members. Representatives from ASEAN member states and international diplomats joined the launch in Bangkok, kicking off a year-long exhibition of cultural events. C asean Consonant’s musicians from Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam performed “Chang” (Elephant) song, a classical Thai song, at the Press Conference on 4 February 2019.


C asean Consonant for Official Opening Ceremony of the 34th ASEAN Summit, Bangkok, Thailand (2019)

Thailand was the Chair of ASEAN in 2019 and host of the Thirty-Fourth ASEAN Summit. It is announced under the theme of “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability” and coincided with ASEAN Cultural Year 2019. The Meeting attached importance to ASEAN awareness-raising and the promotion of an ASEAN identity among the people of the region. C asean Consonant, as one of the region’s arts and cultural ambassador by enhancing understanding, strengthening friendships, and promoting appreciation of an ASEAN identity, was honored to perform the ASEAN Anthem, “The ASEAN Way,” to officially launch the opening ceremony on 23 June 2019 at the Athenee Hotel Bangkok.


The Inauguration of the ASEAN Secretariat's New Building and the 52nd ASEAN day, Jakarta, Indonesia (2019)

The Inauguration of the new ASEAN Secretariat building was followed by the celebration of the 52nd anniversary of ASEAN featuring remarks from H.E. Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary-General of ASEAN and performance from C asean Consonant on 8th August 2019.


The Official Music Videos of “The ASEAN Way” and “ASEAN as One” presented during the first ever Virtual Celebration of the 53rd ASEAN Day (2020)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the ASEAN Secretariat celebrates the 53rd Anniversary of ASEAN in the form of online celebration for the very first time to show regional resilience towards COVID-19 situations and the effort to work together to bring joy of ASEAN Day to people virtually. On this occasion, C asean Consonant was honored to be invited by the ASEAN Secretariat to be a part of this online celebration by co-creating the official music videos of “The ASEAN Way”, the anthem of ASEAN, and “ASEAN as One”, an original song composed by C asean Consonant. Over a thousand audiences participated in this first ever virtual celebration of the anniversary of ASEAN, including high-level government officials across ASEAN member states and dialogue partners and general public.

Since then, both music videos have proudly been showcased at countless of domestic, regional, and international events, both virtually and onsite. Some prominent examples include ASEAN Day 2020 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, the 13th China International Youth Arts Festival (2020), the 54th ASEAN Day Online Celebration ASEAN Anniversary by the ASEAN Secretariat (2021), the 54th Virtual flag Raising Ceremony by Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines (2021), ASEAN Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai (2021), and many more.


ASEAN Traditional Music Challenge (2021)

“ASEAN Traditional Music Challenge” is an online series of 10 ASEAN traditional music performances with knowledge performed by C asean Consonant musicians joined forces with their families & friends in celebration of the 54th ASEAN Anniversary. The series had been virtually broadcasted at C asean Consonant’s official Facebook and YouTube to showcase different sounds, one harmonious soul of ASEAN through music.

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