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ASEAN Youth Showcase 2020

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C asean in partnership with the Foundation for the Institute of Social Enterprise Development (FINSEDT), co-operated with the US Embassy in organizing a Summit for Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) alumni under the theme “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”,therefore C asean and FINSEDT will build on the ASEAN youths network and take the lesson learn from outstanding social business. ASEAN Youth Showcase 2020 under the theme “Advancing Social Entrepreneurship”. It aims to establish youth-driven regional social business platform. The showcase will present social business showcase, and seed grant announcement.


  • Welcome Remarks by Tongjai Thanachanan Managing Director of C asean 

  • Remarks by Mr. Neal S. Murata Cultural Attaché, Embassy of the United States of America

  • ASEAN Youth-Driven Social Business Case Panel Discussion by

Joe Tan from Singapore Co-Founder, Love Action Project

Nicky Clara from Indonesia WeAble (Berdaya Bareng) Project

Read Nicky's story

Kevin G. Gaitan from the PhilippinesSex (Z) Project

Read Kevin's story 

Steven Sutantro from Indonesia EdTech Coach

Mohd Asyraf Bin Abd Hamid from Malaysia Identify Identity Project Read Appy's story

  • Youth Spotlight 

Vachirawit Chivaaree & Metawin Opas-iamkajorn 

  • Winner Announcement (FINSEDT Grant) 

WeAble (Berdaya Bareng) Project Introduction by Nicky Clara from Indonesia

Sex (Z) Project Introduction by Kevin G. Gaitan from the Philippines Identify

Identity Project Introduction by Mohd Asyraf Bin Abd Hamid from Malaysia 

  • Announced by Tongjai Thanachanan Managing Director of C asean 

  • Thank you live by the winner and congratulate the winner

Read more about the winner and all finalists click


Panel Discussion Conclusion for ASEAN Youth Showcase 2020

WeAble-Berdaya Bareng is an inclusive online platform for person with disabilities (PSWDs) in Indonesia that empowers PSWDs by providing training and helping integrate the disabled community into the workplace. The project aims to link between digital, beneficial of person with disabilities and sustainability in order to build awareness of PSWDs and Indonesia citizen, educate and upskills, create employment services and build PSWDs community.

Key challenges:

  • We need to understand the needed of the beneficial

  • We need to change perspective and stigma on how the organization hire PSWDs

  • We need to connect with all stakeholder such as person with disabilities, government, private organization and citizen

Key success factors from mentor:

  • ASEAN Unity

  • Diversity

  • Same missions and goals

  • Open mindedness

Sex (Z) is sexual health service providers and counsellors especially for generation Z, share sexual information to Filipino teens to reduce teenage pregnancy, HIV infection, and other sexually transmitted diseases in Southeast Asia. This platform will be reach out to 22 ASEAN and Timor-Leste communities. The project aims to increase knowledge on sexual health and sexual rights, provide resources available for them, and coming through the sex issue.

Key challenges:

  • It is not free to talk about sex and buy condom in the Philippines

  • We need to change the stigma in term of sex education

Identify Identity is an education platform that educates undocumented and stateless children aged from 7-17 years old in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia by expose children to aware and assertive of their rights as children, enhance their living skills and empower them with leadership qualities. The program has offered a 3-week boot camp to teach the kids about recycling and the importance of environment such as English and other vocational skills.

Key challenges:

  • We need to break the stigma of the government and citizen

  • We need to have cooperate with good partners

  • We need to travel to the remote area

Key success factors from mentor:

  • Make objective comparing

  • Measurable key result

  • Continuous and consistent communication among partners and colleagues

  • Passionate on project

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