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ThaiBev Group ASEAN Club Behind the Scene: Exploring Myanmar through Movies

Updated: Apr 11

“ThaiBev Group ASEAN Club” will host a hybrid event ASEAN Club Behind the Scene: Exploring Myanmar through Movies on Thursday, February 23, 2022 at 18:00 - 19:00 hrs. (GMT+7) onwards. The event will be hosted onsite at Dream office, C asean 14th Fl., CW Tower, Bangkok, and live via Zoom.

*No registration fees for all formats.

Let’s hear about Myanmar experiences from Chartchai Ketnust, the director of the Thailand-Myanmar joint-venture film “From Bangkok to Mandalay” (2016) and the Burmese-speaking horror film “The Only Mom” (2019). The films were successful in Myanmar film market. He also directed the TV drama "From Chao Phraya to Irrawaddy" (2022) via Thai PBS channel, which rebuilt public awareness of Thailand-Myanmar history.

We also have snacks and drinks and networking event, exclusive for attendees who join us at Dream office, C asean, CW Tower, Bangkok

*Only 50 seats available.

The winners of the Kahoot Quiz will have a chance to win prizes valued up to 5,000 THB. The opportunity is available for all onsite and virtual attendees.

* The event is conducted in Thai. English translation is available on Zoom

** Available parking space at B2 Fl., CW Tower

For any queries, please contact Ms. Phannapa at or (+66) 62-998-8019

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