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June 3: World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day, established by The United Nations, is celebrated around the world on June 3 to recognize the uniqueness and originality of the bicycle as well as its distinctive, long-lasting, and environmentally beneficial mode of transportation.

The bicycle is one of the most beneficial inventions for personal health and for the health of the environment. Bicycling is a very simple and sustainable means of transportation. Many families all around the world have benefited from the bike's accessibility to affordable and dependable transportation. It is practical, reliable, and helps one to stay fit.

WHO actively promotes cycling for its myriad benefits to health and the environment, including boosting physical activity, lowering the risk of noncommunicable illnesses like cancer and diabetes, and reducing air and noise pollution. Get out and get some sustainable exercise.

To actively encourage bike riders across the ASEAN, here are the top 10 cycling routes in ASEAN that you should add to your bucket list.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

One of the greatest ways to discover the lesser-known beauties of this spectacular ancient site is to bike around the Angkor Wat temple complex.

The imperial tombs of Hue, Vietnam

The tombs lie in the nearby countryside, making it the ideal excuse to rent a bike and ride out of the city via the Catholic Quarter, the magnificent French-built Quoc Hoc High School, the daily market at Phu Cam Church, and the Quoc An pagoda.

East Coast Park, Singapore

This cycle route is a city trail with a difference; combining the convenience of the city with the beauty of beach and coastal scenery, there’s no other bike route like it in the world.

The Thakhek Loop, Central Laos

The Thakhek Loop is a 450-kilometre journey that leads you on a long and winding route through mountains, limestone cliffs and farmlands. Bikers can stop by the various caves along the way.

Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

This gorgeous road, which travels through the cold, mountainous region of Northern Thailand, offers real Thai towns, woods, and flowing waterfalls in addition to being a good, peaceful diversion from the nation's more well-known islands and beaches.

Ubud, Indonesia

Cycle along the rice fields, visit a typical home and see the coffee plantations. The rice paddies, historic temples, and rural villages around Ubud make an idyllic backdrop for a cycling adventure.

Bukit Kiara, Malaysia

The Bukit Kiara trails has been the primary green lung area near the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. Bukit Kiara is located between Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and Hartamas.

Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

It is the Best Mountain Bike Trails in Mandalay. You can hire a bicycle and take a five-hour bike ride around Inle Lake. From Nyaungshwe, you can ride to Khaung Daing Village, then put your bike on a boat to cut across the lake. On the other side, you can see the interesting bridge at Mine Thauk Village, before proceeding on to Red Mountain Winery.

Rizal, Philippines

Looking for longer bike rides and to get away from Metro Manila? One of the best Bike Destinations is Rizal, there are cycling routes you can take into the scenic Sierra Madre mountains. The Sierra Madre mountain range is the longest in the Philippines. It spans about 540 kilometers on Luzon Island, from Cagayan Province in the north to Quezon Province in the south.

Bukit Shahbandar Forest Recreation Park, Brunei

A very popular recreational park especially to local joggers, hikers and bikers. This park which has nine hills, offers visitors, nature forest trails that wind their way around the park. It has a number of beautiful spots worth visiting.

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