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"Friendship Beyond Frontier" Concert 2023 by C asean Consonant in Hanoi

15 October 2023, the C asean Consonant Band and Vietnam National Academy of Music co-organized the C asean Consonant concert's "Friendship Beyond Frontier” with a press conference activity and discussion on ASEAN folk musical instruments in Hanoi, Vietnam.  More than 860 people participated in the activity, the event was broadcast through television, newspapers, and online media within Vietnam.

C asean Consonant is a traditional music ensemble of ASEAN that utilizes the universal language of humanity, which is music, as a means to weave together the diverse cultural heritages of the ASEAN member nations. Through this, it aims to foster stronger friendships and cooperation among the countries. This project has become a platform for the younger generation to share, learn, develop, and preserve the traditional music of ASEAN.

With twelve different performances, the event served as a link between the many folk music traditions and the attendees. The C asean Consonant’s "Friendship Beyond Frontier" concert gave the audience a profound musical experience and contributed to the development and unity of the ASEAN region.

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