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ASEAN Weekly Special

The C asean Consonant on your demand; click on songs or articles about ASEAN music.

Song: Loy Krathong (Thailand) Composer: Eua Sunthornsanan and Kaew Atchariyakun Arranger: Chaibhuk Bhutrachinda

Song: Dayung Sampan (Singapore)

Composer: Anonymous

Conductor: Watchara Pluemyart

Song: Tak Tong Tong (Indonesia)

Composer: Anonymous

Arrangers: Alicia Joyce De Silva, Mohd Yazid Zakaria & Dadang Supriatna

Song: Nan Bone Thi Har Bwe (Myanmar)

Composer: Anonymous

Vocalist: War War San

Song: Seang Khaen Lao (Lao PDR)

Composer: Anonymous

Arranger: Watchara Pluemyart

Song: Song of the Confluence’s Spirits

Composer & Conductor: Dr. CHONG Kee Yong

Song: Garland of Love

Conceptualizer, Composer & Arrangers: Anant Narkkong

Lyrics: Sutthipun Nujjaya

Song: Hola Hela (Brunei) Composer: Anonymous

Arranger: Dadang Supriatna, Alicia Joyce De Silva & Mohd Yazid Zakaria

Song: Salidummay (Philippines) Composer: Anonymous

Arranger: Assoc. Prof. Dr. La Verne De La Pena

Song: Funk Tong Tong (Indonesia)

Composer: Western Sumatra Composer

Arranger: WatcharaPluemyart

Song: Sarika Kew (Cambodia)

Composer: Anonymous

Arranger: Watchara Pluemyart & Anant Narkkong

Song: Man Taung Yeik Kho (Myanmar)

Composer: Myoma Nyein

Arranger: Ne Myo Aung

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