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“Where big dreams have a Home”


Dream Office is the place where big dreams have a home. We aim to create communities where young entrepreneurs can meet each other and bond with one another on an international level. We also aim to help enhance the capabilities of Thai and ASEAN s’ young entrepreneurs and foster their growth which allows them to expand to other countries within the region. Our networks are spread throughout the ASEAN region. We have “C asean Collaboration Center” to link with partners from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom and we looking to extend our networks to many more countries in the near future.


At Dream Office, workshops and consulting sessions with inhouse mentors are available to provide advice for young entrepreneurs to make their lives a bit easier. Moreover, we provide a comfortable, collaboration workspace (start from 250 THB/day), meeting rooms and recreation area equipped with a kitchen, pool tables, etc. to make your workdays a bit more relaxed.

If you are look for a place to connect with young entrepreneurs from around the world, form a network of friends and business partners, Dream Office can provide you these opportunities like nowhere else.

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