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The greatness do not drive themselves, but a group of great people does.

About the projects

Going toward sustainability with only good intentions is never enough, we need the right talents to gear our actions toward the path to save our planet, get rid of inequality, and create the ideal world where no one is left behind. The land of diversity such as ASEAN offers the pull of talent and endless possibilities for sustainable growth.


C asean has realized the potential of the human capital in the region, therefore, we have worked with various partners to initiate talent development programs that engaged ASEAN youth and encouraged them to act on their sustainability endeavor. 

ASEAN Speech Contest: Pride of ASEAN

Share your interpretation on what “Pride of ASEAN” means to you. Think about what makes our region unique and apply for "ASEAN Youth Speech Contest 2022"

CaF Youth - Virtual Forum feature ASEAN young leaders

CaF-Youth Virtual Forum feature ASEAN young leaders to discuss and disseminate difference concepts and perspectives on various interesting social issues in order to create benefits and catalyze change for society after COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply for the ASEAN Youth Speech Contest

To celebrate the oneness of ASEAN, C asean is inviting ASEAN Youth to voice out about what ONE VISION | ONE IDENTIFY | ONE COMMUNITY mean to you.

ASEAN Management Development Program (AMD)

ASEAN Management Development Program (AMD) C asean and Thai Beverage Public Company Limited jointly organize “ASEAN Management Development (AMD) Program 2019.

ASEAN Youth Showcase 2020

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