Young ASEAN Leaders Policy Initiative (YALPI) is call for delegates!

Young ASEAN Leaders Policy Initiative (YALPI) 2021

What is YALPI and our plan for the YALPI 2021 forum?

▪️ Young ASEAN Leaders Policy Initiative (YALPI) is an international forum which gathers and empowers youths to solve current social problems from the bottom-up aspect.

▪️ Our theme for this year’s YALPI is “A Call for Youth Leadership: Tackling Social Inequalities in the Age of COVID-19.”

▪️ YALPI 2021 aims to alleviate social inequalities and injustices that have come into light during the COVID-19 outbreak by supporting research that has the potential to enable the development of locally-scaled projects.

▪️ Therefore, we emphasize on marginalized groups who are most likely to be gravely affected by the pandemic, as following:

1) Underprivileged Youth

2) Women Workforce

3) Migrant Workers

When is YALPI 2021?

Young ASEAN Leader Policy Initiative (YALPI) 2021 will be divided into 2 phases:

▪️ The conference day will be held on 23rd -24th January and the pitching day will be conducted on 20th February 2021

▪️ The content discussion will be a 3-hour session in each of the following weeks;

I. Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st January 2021

II. Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th February 2021

III. Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th February 2021

Who is eligible to apply?

Thai and international youth (undergraduate or graduate, not limited to ASEAN nationals), aged under 25 years applying as a group of 4-10 people by sending political essays related to 3 issues.

How to apply? Apply now on YALPI’s official website: by 6th December 2020 23:59 (GMT +7)



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