C asean Consonant: Garland of Love

Date : 16 May 2020

As every ASEAN nation is effected by the #COVID19 outbreak, it is important more than ever for everyone as ASEAN citizens to send love, provide a helping hand, support each other, and, most importantly, unite as one.

C asean Consonant’s beautiful song entitled "Garland of Love (Thai: มาลัยรักอาเซียน)" was written by weaving traditional songs from 10 ASEAN countries together to emphasize the heart of #ASEANasOne.

Waters converging around the golden land
Enriching bonds of friendship,
Forever uniting hearts as a garland of love
Advancing partnership for blooming sustainability

Conceptualization, Composition & Arrangement: Anant Narkkong
Lyrics: Sutthipun Nujjaya
Rehearsal performance in Bangkok on 19 June 2019

#Casean #CaseanConsonant #GarlandOfLove #UnityInASEAN

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