C asean Consonant: Funk Tong Tong

Date : -1

Even though the #COVID19 pandemic keeps us apart from each other, our friendship among C asean Consonant family is still strong and our hearts are still together.  So, it is our pleasure to present you our very first online performance “Funk Tong Tong", inspired from "Tak Tong Tong", originally from West Sumatra, Indonesia and was popular in the 1960s as an Indonesian folksong. 

This online performance by #CaseanConsonant aims to present how the music can connect people across the region because #FriendshipBeyondFrontier  

Hope you enjoy our performance! 

Conductor: Mohd Yazid Bin Zakaria (Malaysia) 



Bass: Dadang Supriatna (Brunei) 

Drums: Sukirman Sugadto (Brunei) 

Tro OuPeseth Sart (Cambodia) 

Kendang Sunda: Agung Hero Hernanda (Indonesia) 

KhaenSinthavong Sengmounthong (Laos) 

Bansuri: Niranjan Pandian (Singapore) 

Saw U: Anant Narkkong (Thailand) 

Ranat EkKammathep Theeralertrat (Thailand) 

Dan Nhi: Thai Son Ngo (Vietnam) 



Franki Raden (Indonesia) 

War War San (Myanmar) 

Leyzam Bin Ali (Malaysia) 

Ngo Tra My (Vietnam) 


Choreographer and Dancer: Lora Gustia Ningsih (Indonesia) 

Arranger and mixed down: Watchara Pluemyart (Thailand) 


Production advisor: 

Laverne David De La Pena (Philippines) 

Joseph Peters (Singapore) 


Producer: C asean Consonant 

Collaborate for the Better